Do you like warmth and appreciate the moments when you can relax?

Heat is always comfort that gives us relaxation, peace. Plunge into the atmosphere of real heat, a sauna will help you. Without a doubt, a sauna is the best way to restore strength, lift your spirits after moral and physical exertion. A long time ago it was believed that a sauna is able to completely heal a person from internal depression, relieve anxiety from the soul, fill it with pleasant emotions.


The sauna of our hotel

Sauna «Shaggy bumblebee» is a place where you can count on a warm welcome and a warm welcome! Our club’s sauna is located on the bank of the bet among the beauties of the Starodubovsky forestry.

Be sure, after a hot sauna, you will not be indifferent to the tender coolness of the bet in the summer and the invigorating freshness of the ice hole in winter. You will definitely feel deep relaxation, beneficial warmth and pleasant peace in our sauna, you will have a desire to come back to us again and again. Indoors with a sauna there is a small but very comfortable pool that will give you an invigorating mood.

If you want to relax with your friends or family, you will find a cozy restaurant with great views of the stakes. You will enjoy a variety of homemade dishes. All dishes and drinks presented in the restaurant menu, you can order in the lounge. And after the sauna, sit on a comfortable sofa in the cozy fireplace area of ​​the restaurant and enjoy the view of the live fire.

During your stay in the sauna, you will have at your disposal a relaxation room with soft sofas and cable TV. Also on the second floor there is a billiard room, where you can arrange a friendly duel after the sauna.


How to bathe in a sauna?

To enjoy your time in the sauna with pleasure, try to follow the rules below.

  • Do not worry in the sauna on either a crowded or an empty stomach, have a snack in moderation.
  • Do not sit on the coldest shelf, that is, on the bottom, in order to steam longer.
  • Do not drink alcohol, at least before you have finished steaming, because alcoholic beverages disrupt thermoregulation, increase the load on the heart and dull the senses, which is unacceptable in the sauna.
  • People with impaired functions of the nervous system, with increased or decreased sensitivity to heat, with cardiovascular diseases, as well as impaired water-salt balance, it is advisable to abandon the sauna.

But if you still decide to take a steam bath, do it gradually and accurately. It is worthwhile to refrain from a sauna for people with reduced immunity, who are allergic to smells.

Good health to you!



The cost of the sauna includes a sheet, a towel, slippers, felt caps, fragrant tea, as well as the use of billiards, an indoor pool and a rate.

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