Dear guests!

We kindly request, before starting fishing, carefully study the conditions:

  1. Fishing is permitted only from the shore and the bridge.
  2. The minimum size of fish that can be taken: carp, grass carp – 0.5 kg, pike – 60 cm.
  3. The maximum catch of fish is 6 kg per fisherman.
  4. Bream, tench and sterlet must be released into the pond.
  5. Use net strips when fishing fish.
  6. Carefully remove the bait and hooks from the mouth of the fish, use an extractor for this.
  7. Do not throw fish on the ground or walkway, do not injure the fish, which will then need to be released.


  1. Fishing at night.
  2. Poaching, intentional bagging and cruelty to fish.
  3. Access by vehicle to the pond.
  4. Contaminate the body of water and the coastal area.


We hope for your understanding and guarantee a correct and polite attitude from the staff.

We wish you a successful fishing !!!

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