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    Мохнатый шмель

    The Elite Hunting and Fishing Club “Mokhnatyi Shmel” organizes hunting for boars, hears, quails, partridges and pheasants on the territory of its own hunting facilities. With consideration of guests’ wishes, “Mokhnatyi Shmel” arranges both corral collective and individual hunting. Autumn migration of quails gives an opportunity to have a wonderful hunting with a pointing dog on the territory of coastal lowlands. Fields ensure sufficient density of hares. We also give 100% guarantee for boar capture as you will hunt in two open-air cages that are so huge (200 ha and 64 ha) that you won’t even suspect that you are in the cage. And the real professional hunters can hunt without open-air cages. All this creates comfort even for the most demanding guests of our club.

    Individual Hunting

    Individual huntingIndividual hunting or also known as trophy hunting becomes more and more popular in Ukraine. And as to the brightness of impressions, this kind of hunting justly occupies the first place. And of course it is not a secret that success of such hunting depends on right preparations to individual hunting. The choice of the object and place of hunting, preparation of outfit and equipment, paperwork – all this is included into preparation process to individual hunting. For many hunters this process can become as much interesting and fascinating as the catch of the wild fowl itself.

    There are many ways of individual hunting and each way has its own advantages. The Elite Hunting and Fishing Club “Mokhnatyi Shmel” offers to its guests individual hunting both from a tower (46 towers) and from approach… read more

    Collective Hunting

    Collective HuntingCollective or corral hunting is organized hunting with the participation of the group of hunters. Such hunting increases responsibility and reliance of hunters to each other. The success of corral hunting depends on the ability of hunters to trace down the location of the wild fowl, and of course on shooters.

    The essence of corral hunting is that the head of the group studies the territory, traces location of the fowl and arranges the line of shooters, and then the roundups ensure the fowl to move directly at the shooters.

    The Elite Hunting and Fishing Club “Mokhnatyi Shmel” gladly helps you to find an optimum solution of collective hunting for your company and organizes it in a right and successful way... read more

    Hunting Seasons

    • September - March - Tower hunting for boars;
    • October - February - Collective (corral) boar hunting;
    • September - February - Individual boar hunting with a huntsman;
    • September – the first half of October - Quail hunting (possible both with your pointing dog or with a pointing dog provided by our hunting club);
    • October - November - Partridge hunting (possible both with your pointing dog or with a pointing dog provided by our hunting club);
    • October - November - Pheasant hunting (obligatory with a pointing dog both of your own and a dog provided by our hunting club).

    Additional Services

    • Supply with roundups (corral hunting);
    • Supply with a hunting dog: Husky or gun dog (depending on the type of hunting);
    • Huntsmen servicing;
    • Transport for the hunting period;
    • Tower hunting with bow and crossbow;
    • Permit for gun import to Ukraine;
    • Transfer from the airport to the place of hunting and back;
    • Gun and ammunition rent;
    • Paperwork for trophy export.