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  • Individual Hunting

    Individual huntingIndividual hunting or also known as trophy hunting becomes more and more popular in Ukraine. And as to the brightness of impressions, this kind of hunting justly occupies the first place. And of course it is not a secret that success of such hunting depends on right preparations to individual hunting. The choice of the object and place of hunting, preparation of outfit and equipment, paperwork – all this is included into preparation process to individual hunting. For many hunters this process can become as much interesting and fascinating as the catch of the wild fowl itself. There are many ways of individual hunting and each way has its own advantages.

    The Elite Hunting and Fishing Club “Mokhnatyi Shmel” offers to its guests individual hunting both from a tower (46 towers) and from approach.

    Tower hunting is an easy way of hunting that doesn’t require a good physical training. Its essence is that a hunter waits for the wild fowl in a special tower with perfect overlook.

    Approach hunting is a difficult way of hunting. It presupposes tracing down the tracks and feeding places of the wild fowl on your own. Such individual hunting starts at dawn because at this time the wild fowl moves better than in the afternoon or evening. The main task of a hunter during approach hunting is not to scary away the catch so he should have patience, stamina and camouflage skills. Our professional huntsmen will guide you to the most possible meeting places with the wild fowl.