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    Collective HuntingCollective hunting has been for ages considered as the best cultural activity for friends and colleagues. Nowadays this kind of activity becomes more and more popular. The Elite Hunting and Fishing Club “Mokhnatyi Shmel” will help you and your friends to feel all magnificence from communication with nature and all excitement from the catch of real trophies. And our experienced huntsmen will let neither beginners nor experienced hunters rest any minute.

    Collective or corral hunting is organized hunting with the participation of the group of hunters (up to 12 persons). Such hunting increases responsibility and reliance of hunters to each other. The success of corral hunting depends on the ability of hunters to trace down the location of the wild fowl, and of course on shooters.

    The essence of corral hunting is that the head of the group studies the territory, traces location of the fowl and arranges the line of shooters, and then the roundups ensure the fowl to move directly at the shooters.

    The Elite Hunting and Fishing Club “Mokhnatyi Shmel” gladly helps you to find an optimum solution of collective hunting for your company and organizes it in a right and successful way.