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  • Hunting and Fishing Club "Mokhnatyi Shmel"

    Mokhnatyi ShmelFrom time immemorial, the mankind procured food by hunting for wild animals to feed themselves and their families. But nowadays the necessity in it has disappeared and hunting has become the culture of interesting, useful and extreme rest, not just simple procurement of food. A Hunter is a person who blends entirely into the wild nature and gets satisfaction from communication with it.

    The Elite Hunting and Fishing Club “Mokhnatyi Shmel” gladly offers you comfortable facilities for such cultural activity. The Hunting and Fishing Club “Mokhnatyi Shmel” is a specialized hunting and fishing entity that is situated in the steppe zone of Priazovie on the bank of the pond in the village Starodubovka 40 km away from Mariupol on the territory of Starodubovskiy forestry with an area of 1757 ha. The main river of Starodubovskyi forestry, the Berda, flows not far from the club and mouths into the Azov Sea.

    Mokhnatyi Shmel

    The club organizes hunting for boars, hears, quails, partridges and pheasants on the territory of its own hunting facilities. With consideration of guests’ wishes, “Mokhnatyi Shmel” arranges both corral collective and individual hunting. Autumn migration of quails gives an opportunity to have a wonderful hunting with a pointing dog on the territory of coastal lowlands. Fields ensure sufficient density of hares. We also give 100% guarantee for boar capture as you will hunt in two open-air cages that are so huge (200 ha and 64 ha) that you won’t even suspect that you are in the cage. And the real professional hunters can hunt without open-air cages. All this creates comfort even for the most demanding guests of our club.

    Mokhnatyi ShmelThe pond of the club is rich in such fish as carp, crucian carp, grass carp and pike. Fishing can be carried out every day and 24H a day.

    Besides hunting and fishing our club offers the following services and activities: equipped beach on the bank of the pond, billiard table, sauna with a pool, restaurant.

    And a 4 – star hotel of the club with the high level of comfort and service, the possibility of cooking any wild fowl or fish caught by you in the restaurant, sauna with a pool, attention of our huntsmen and hotel staff – all this creates perfect impressions and satisfaction from communication with nature for the whole family.

    The Hunting and Fishing Club «Mokhnatyi Shmel» is a perfect place for communication with nature and rest from the city fuss.

    We would be glad to welcome you as our guests!!!